(wild animal is TIGER.The poacher is in a jungle to poach tiger.Suddenly the Tiger starts speaking.)
Tiger: dear sir why do you all kill us?
Poacher: We poach animals for our living.
Tiger: But is it correct to take someones life to make your.
Poacher: it is our hobby, from my point of view it is right.
Tiger: but sir if you kill any human, it is taken as a crime. Then why when we are killed no one cares?
Poacher: If we start caring for you all then how will we live?
Tiger: you can go in any other field and earn your earnings.
Poacher: what about the things we get from you animals?
Tiger: today in our world technology has reached in the sky. With the help of technology you humans can prepare the goods.
Poacher: But ....
Tiger: Sir, if we get extinct from the world the food cycle, the environment cycle and many no. of cycles will get harmed.
Poacher: You are right . I promise, I will not kill any animal from this movement and even stop the people around me from doing it.
Tiger: Thank-you sir for understanding my feelings. I will thank you for this from bottom of my heart till last day of my life...
THE CONVERSATION ENDS ............. ^_^

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