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Good morning ,Respected Principal sir/ma'am , Teachers and all my dear friends , brothers and sisters.Today I am going to talk a little about the environment in which we live in and enjoy every bit of.
Our environment is composed basically of the most sensitive color to our eyes , which is present in the leaves of the plants , i.e. Green.We interact with them and form a special bond between Mother Nature and us.Undoubtedly , this type of environment is rare to find in urban areas nowadays , due to the rapid processes of civilization.They are only found in village areas , where the air is fresh and clean.
Unfortunately , the real beauty of the environment,  is being damaged rapidly
by the biggest mistake of the creator of the environment himself.
So I would like to conclude my speech by saying ,-                                        This destruction should be stopped at once or there might arise a time when man himself will get destroyed ,since there is no existence of man without nature.
Thank you and have a great day ahead....:)
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