Construct a story around the few charactrers given below word limit about 150-200 words(A) Rohan; An introvert,no friends, pesimistic,smart and handsome .
(B) Ruchi; an extrovert, many friends, not beutiful, happy-go lucky
(C) Nikhil; poor, living hand to mouth,confident,creative
(D) Nikita;rich,glamorous, outspoken, egoistic, straight forward




- "are you out of your mind miss." ? shouted Nikhil .. Give it back to me or else... 
"ohh , so you are warning me?" asked Nikita "don't you know who I am!"? 
"unless you are batman or wolverine or even channing tatum,i really don't care" mocked Nikhil.. 

so how's it?? 
message me if you want me to continue it :) :) :) :)