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ANSWER:- 1 }India is centrally located on world map.It is surrounded by 3 water bodies in the south by indian oceans,in the east by Bay of Bengal and in the west by arabian sea. 
2}India is favourable  located on the world highway of trade and commerce both its eastern  and western countries
3}ocean sea routes like suez canal ,cape of good hope,pass through indian ocean.
4}india is boarderd by himalayas in the north east which protects indian from the foreign invansions.
5}india's southward extensions help it to establish close contact with west asia , east africa and europe from western coast,contacts with south east asia ,east asia.

The Indian landmass has a central location between the east and the west Asia .India is the southward extension of the Asian continent.The trans Indian ocean which connects the countries of Europe in the west and the countries of east Asia provide a strategic central location to India.Note that the deccan penninsula protrudes into the Indian ocean,thus helping India to establish a close contact with west Asia,Africa and Europe from the western coast and with south east and east Asia in the eastern coast.No other country has a long coastline on the Indian ocean as India has and indeed,it is India's eminent position in the indian ocean which justifies the naming of an ocean after it.