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The story 'Indian heroes'  depicts the following themes :-

.Real Heroism- The foremost theme, that the story concerns is what is true heroism. The term hero generally refers to a remarkably brave person, who has admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character, one who fights courageously and selflessly, sacrificing a lot for others. For a particular individual, a hero may be somebody like movie stars, sportsmen, politicians etc. However, the story depicts that, their is always need to be a persom of limelight to be a hero. A person with a great will of strength, courage, sense of humanity and wisdom is a real hero.

.Sense of duty- India's heroes deal with the theme of one's sense and duty and responsibility. This theme is explored in both the frame story and the core story.In mordern world, when men have become negligent of theeir duties, the story serves as a reminder to all to arise, awaken and attend to the call of duty.

.Human solidarity- One of the major attributes that characterise real heroes is the sense of human solidarity. India's heroes is a story that makes us realise that, as a part of the universe where we live in, our duties are much wider. The unsung heroes that kabeer talks about in his assignments, are all people, whose sense of duty is not limited to their position.They all transcended their assigned duties to meet the need of the hour.

.Patriotism- Patrotism is the feeling of love for one's country.The theme of patrotism is universal.

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