Once upon a time there were 2 friends named malku and sama.they were very poor.they both works in the fields as labours. malku and sama was married malku's wifes name was kama and sama's wifes name was kanika.kama and kanika were best friends they can do anything for they both.they both can do anything for being rich,but if kama cannot be rich then kanika will also not take that day malku and sama were working in the fields.kama and kanika were going to give lunch to there that spot kama and kanika were walking,suddenly kama has fallen into a big hole when she had fallen,she felt that there was hard ,was buried something.and she has taken the all mud from there and then she had opened that box that was buried she said ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!my!!god!!!!!! .what a marvellous treasure is buried kanika.... she said yes ....kama are you fine there I am helping you give your hand....first listen me here is a big treasure buried she said........what ...what are you saying treasure...........where is that ...I am also willing to see that .....god....lets take it out.yes ..yes.... They both took the treasure...outside and taken hole treasure and escaped