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Tan and Emelyn are waiting in line to get on the school bus. Tan is seventh in line. Emelyn is in the middle of the line. There are six students between Tan and Emelyn. How many students are waiting in line?

       Tans Position = 7
       Emelyn position = middle of line
     Since there are 6 students between Tan and Emelyn , therefore
        Emelyn's position = Tans Position + 6 +1
                                  = 7 +6 +1
                                 = 14
Therefore , total Number of Students in a line = 14 + 13
                                                                 = 27

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Tan is 7th in line and there are 6 students between tan and emelyn means emelyn is 15th in the line and also she is in the middle means there are 14 students infront and in back of her means there are total 29 students in the line