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Dreams are those that we have at night . my recent dream was of a ice cream. 
In my dream I was in a land of ice cream, their I saw a castle of strawberry crush and a school made up of vanilla with chocolate on the top . I saw the library nearby made up of mega malai . then someone came to me and gave a purse made up of chocolate chips. I saw my friends their wearing Dress made up of strawberrry stick it looked as if they were spinning round and round it looked funny to me but angry to them
Then I saw my mother and father they were also wear. They told
me towear also so I had to wear that Spinny ,dress which I did not like . I was playing their all day and had fun. Then my mother called when I was just going I fell into a lake full of hot chocolate then my mother said wake up wake up and I woke up the dream was not finished but I still liked it

Hope you like it

I saw a dream yesterday.I was surprised to see that.I saw the dream about my sister's coming birthday party.I saw that our house became a palace.All famous persons arrived in our house.I hope that if my dream come true.

I could not expand it.But,by my idea u try to write the essay.