Once there was a cruel king he had a daughter who is very helpful to people once she saw an old carpet in a room which has been locked bu the cruel king some how  she opened it and took that carpet,that carpet belonged to a magician who has been saved by the kings wife once so he gifted it to her.Now the princess had it washed and sat on it when she sat on it the carpet immediately flew to a place and dropped her down there she saw that and was amused there are lovely trees and all and the princess saw a boy who was in ragged clothes there pouring water to the plants.she asked the boy who he was,he said that the carpet  bought him here and went back to the magician.I was a loyal king he wanted my kingdom so he addressed the carpet to take me here and as you climbed on it it bought you here too.and they lived in the king's small hut and prayed to god daily to get back his kingdom,once god came in their dream and said go and dig the soil near the entrance of your house.The next morning the digged the soil and lo so much of gold appeared to them they took all of it and made an army strong enough to defeat that magician and gain their kingdom again and he battled the magician and defeated him in a war he was happy to gain his kingdom back and the princess and king were married with pomp and celebrations and they happily lived happily ever after.
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