Q1 How exchange of gases take place in plants?
Q2 Differentiate between photosynthesis and respiration.
Q3 Explain the mechanism of breathing in human beings.
Q4 How does water rise in tall trees?
Q5. Name the blood vessel that:
i. Carries blood to lungs.
ii. Brings blood to heart from lungs.
iii. Carry deoxygenated blood to heart.
iv. Take oxygenated blood to body part.
. What is the advantage of separation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in 4-chambered heart?
Q6. Name the device that measures blood pressure? What is the normal blood pressure of human beings?
Q7. Differentiate systole and diastole?
Q8. Name two main constituent of urine.
Q9. Describe the mechanism of urine formation.
Q10. Name three causes that reduce the activity of kidney.
Q11. What are the various ways of excretion by plant?



Exchange of gases takes place through stomata.
photosynthesis is a process in which plants make thier own food using inorganic compounds . and respiration is the process in which breakdown of starch to get energy
Photo synthesis occurs only during day time but respiration occurs both during day and night