तोता :- तोते
 ल़ड़का:- लड़के
छाता :- छाते
कौआ :-  कौए
लात :- लातें
भेड़ :- भेड़ें
भैंस :- भैंसें
कमीज़ :- कमीज़ें
बोतल :- बोतलें
 निधि :- निधियँा
राशि :- राशियाँ
िलपि :- लिपियाँ
 सखि :- सखियाँ
 घड़ी :- घड़ियाँ
रोटी :- रोटियाँ
िततली :- तितलियाँ
 ल़ड़की :- लड़कियाँ
 सीटी :- सीटियाँ
 मिठाई :- मिठाइयाँ
 गली :- गलियाँ
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1 enjoy the little things in life ..for one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things
2 don't let the noise of other peoples opinion drown out your inner voice
3 gods plan is always the best 
sometimes the process is painful and hard but dont forget that when god is silent he doing something for you
 4 give your wealth only to the worthy and never to others the water of the sea received by the clouds is always sweet
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oh yes
because maine kuch aur hi answer kar diya
maine thoughts likh deye
but thanx