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 crime against women  in India is an issue rooted in societal norms and economic dependence    crime is generally conceptualized in terms of physical force and destructive conduct. The simplest definition of violence is ‘behavior designed to inflict injury on a person or to cause damage to property.Sexual Violence is all pervasive and manifests itself in a number of forms, which exists in all institutions of life. It is possible to classify sexual violence in four main categories. First is direct violence, which is most commonly emphasized, examples of which are rape, molestation, forced prostitution, female genital mutilations, etc. Second is indirect violence,which covers harmful, sometimes deadly situations or actions which, though due to human intervention, do not necessarily involve a direct relationship between the victims and the institutions or the persons responsible for their plight, for e.g., child marriage and arranged marriages, where the women is not allowed to make a choice regarding the marriage partner Such violence is a major obstacle to the achievement of peace and should be given special attention. 
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