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              In today's parlance if somebody can understand the meaning of environment, it is everything. That means whatever we do, affects our environment. So, before doing anything, ask yourself a Q, what will be the impact on environment of my this action, is it necessary, is there a better alternative. After getting these answers consciously, go ahead.
Now environment means- air, water, land, jungles, all leaving beings.
All these can be elaborated further. Like whatever fossil fuels we are burning, we are releasing more and more carbonic gases to the atmosphere, thereby depleting ozone layer, increasing global warming, inviting more diseases etc etc.
We are using water as freely available commodity, without giving much/concrete action and polluting whatever is available at a jet speed. Today there are more sales of Water purifiers than much earlier. Just imagine you without water.
Land is being spoiled by polluted water and solid waste disposal. 50 years back there was no term like solid waste management, because many of the thing were recycled and reused like 'to my last drop of blood'.
Jungles are being cut at a compounding speed than growth, leave aside planting new ones. Thus we are reducing our oxygen bank, like we are reducing our bank balance after retirement. So ultimately------Death. Be ready for that, because still no action is being taken at any level, only talks, conferences and budgets are done

The first question that comes to our mind is what is environment. Environment means the surroundings or conditions in which human beings or animals live or operate. We have been studying about environment and its importance right from our childhood, but it is regrettable that the world is getting more and more polluted due to us. Due to our self-centred attitude and our lack of concern for others, we are causing rampant damage to the environment, which is one of the prime reasons for various diseases in today’s world. For instance we all, by now, know about the harmful effects of use of polythene bags in our day-to-day lives. But have we been able to resist ourselves from using these anti-environment materials? No! We haven’t. We have witnessed how polythene bags have caused blockade of the drains causing floods in cities like Guwahati. Our natural resources are declining at an alarming rate because we are using them up faster than we are replenishing them. If this continues, we will eventually run out of these precious resources. So, to prevent this from happening, we must start acting now. We should do our best to conserve the natural resources for the future generations, as we know that small steps can contribute to a better future.