Akbar was ruling a land with both Muslims and Hindus. Their religions had many differences, but Akbar wished to play these differences down so that the two peoples could exist in harmony. Therefore, he introduced 'Din i Ilahi', a faith created in order to form a bridge between Islam and Hinduism. I'm not completely sure, but the religion included practices like bowing to Akbar, prohibition of slaughtering cows on certain days, ban on the ritual of Suttee, and the belief that Akbar was the vice regent of God. The last one I am not sure about. Most of the Muslim ulema criticized this, because there were definite differences between the two faiths. The religion never had many followers, and in Akbar's last days, even he reverted to Orthodox Islam. After Akbar's death, the faith died out completely.
Akbar believed strongly in the principle of sulh i kul or universal peace.he found elements of virtue and divine truth in every religion and a basic unity in different faiths.based on his understanding and apprrciation of various religions ,in 1582 CE, akbar announced the formation of din i ilahi or divine was a combination of the religious ideas of the major religions.the objective was to establish a religious order which would be acceptable to the hindus , muslims and other communities and promote universal brotherhood and national unity.the main features of this religion were belief in one god and recognition of the emperor as the god's representative on was more like a code of conduct .there were no sacred books ,no priestly classes ,no places of worship and no did not become popular oitside the court .birbal was the only hindu courtier to accept it.the din i ilahi came to an end after akbar's death.