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Introduction(different people react differently)

Indian heroes's is an anonymous story about the reaction of different people in a difficult situation.It deals with the terrorist attack on mumbai on November 26, 2008, and sings of the unsung heroes, who contributed immensly in the time of danger, some even laying down their own lives, 
to save others. The terrorist attack on mumbai was the most devasting of its kind. Different People react differently in danger situation. Some people, with their strong will of strength, sense of humanity, courage and wisdom can overcome every difficult situation. Where as some people 
commit their failure before facing that situation.
Therefore, the anonymore started the story with this lines:
' Different people react differently when faced with danger'.

(charactersketch of antonio)

 The Drama of 'Merchant of venice', is written by William shakesapear. In the drama, it is being showed that Antonio was a generous man, always willing to help his friends. Antonio is affectionate and kind, thoughtful and pateint. But he rarely asserts himself. He depends on bassanio, his only real affection and emotional prop, leads him to extreme self-sacrifice. For all his good qualities, he does not make an impact. He is the merchant of venice in the title, but far stronger characters upstage him.

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The introduction of a project should be brief related to the project topic. it should also contain about the research works done by you.As It is the first page it should very neatly should have all the necessary details of the topic.