Literary : Forgine writers and historians enjoyed the patronage of the sultan . Their works are in Arabic and Persian languages. Mohammad Ghazni's court had a famous scholar called Alberuni . He was a philosopher , mathematician  , geographer and writer . He wrote a book called 'Tariq-ul-Hind' dealing with Indian social,economic and religious topics.A scholar called Utbi wrote 'Tariq-E-Yamini' in Arabic . Hasan Nijami wrote 'Tajul Masir' , Amir Khusro worte  six prominent works giving details about Hindu and Muslim culture . Minhaj-us-siraj  wrote 'Tabakhal-E-Nasiri' . Amir Khusro was called 'The Parrot' of India . Ziauddin Barani wrote 'Tariq-E-Firozeshahi' and Firoze Thughlaq wrote 'Futuhat-E-Firozeshahi'.

Art and Architecture :The Delhi Sultans introduced a new style of architecture known as 'Indo-Islamic' . Arches,domes and minarets form the main features of this style . The Delhi sultans constructed forts,mosques,palaces,public buildings,madrasa and choultries . Examples of Indo-Islamic style are : Kuwat-ul-Islam mosque , Qutub Minar , Alai Darwaza and Jamait Khana mosques at Delhi .