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Given, d= 45/100=9/20 m
No. of revolutions/min=350
Now, C=πd
=22*9/7*20=11*9/7*10=99/70 m
Therefore, the cycle covers 99/70 * 350 m per minute=495m
Therefore, speed=distance/time
=495/1minute=495/60sec=8.25m/sec (1min=60sec)
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The diameter of the wheel is 0.45m, and it makes 350 revolutions every minute. This means that the circumference of the bycicle is \pi0.45≈1.41.
It makes 350 revolutions every minute, so it has travelled 1.41*350≈494.8mtrs.
This means that it has gone 494.8 mtrs in a minute.

The answer is 494.8mtrs/minute or 29.688km/hour.