Shivalik called as lesser himalayas. The height ranges are from 3700 to 4500. The lesser himalayas consist of famous valley of Kashmir, Kangra and Kulu in Himachal Pradesh.this region is well known as shimla,Mussorie,nainital,Raniket etc and are covered by evergreen extents upto 10 - 50 kms

Geologically, the Shivalik Hills belong to the tertiary deposits of the outer Himalayas. They are chiefly composed of sandstone and conglomerate rock formations, which are the solidified detritus of the great mountain range to their north, but often poorly consolidated. The remnant magnetization of siltstones and sandstones suggests a depositional age of 16-5.2 million years with Karnali River exposing the oldest part of the Sivalik Hills in Nepal.

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