Mike's car, which weighs 1,000 kg, is out of gas. Mike is trying to push the car to a gas station, and he makes the car go 0.05 m/s/s. Using Newton's Second Law, you can compute how much force Mike is applying to the car.   
A horse which is trying to pull it's cart having 8 kg of mass with it's
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when we catch a ball then we push our hand backward so that it takes more time for ball to come to rest which is inversely proportional to the force applied and athlete jumps in sand so that the sand give more times to athlete to comes to rest
Example 1. Its easier for a adult to push a car than a small baby ( since this depends on the net force acting on the car).
example 2. If a train collides with the other train. If a train hits another train of equal force and speed, they will both go the same distance and feel the same force. But if the first train is hooked to a second, the single train will go twice the distance of the double train and will feel twice the force. (This example pertains to both net force and mass.)