Very simple mughal empire was run by Babur He was Muslim and British means English people native England United kingdom Britain
1. The Mughals didn't force native farmers to grow commercial crops like Cotton and Indigo as raw materials for their factories back in Samarkand and Ferghana.

2. Then they didn't make India a market for the output of their factories.

3. The British were well known for over-taxing their colonies, while the Mughals - at least in their hey day under Akbar, Jehangir and Shahjahan, did abolish some unnecessary taxes making life of the common public a bit easier.

4. The primary purpose of Babur was to rule a kingdom as king - to have someplace which he could call his own, after he had lost his own dominions in Central Asia. You can't fault an erstwhile prince for being ambitious. He was no Ghazni or Nadir Shah, who came to just plunder and loot. He came to rule.

Similarly, the successive Mughal rulers were better than your average medieval kings - they constructed roads, gardens, monuments, they were patrons of the arts, sciences (or whatever passed for sciences in those days) - they provided meaningful occupation to many people in this way and governed the realm pretty well. Even Aurangzeb the terrible was a pretty effective governor despite his other faults.