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U can do any project 
1] how stress affects the body
2]Which magnifying glass is the most powerful?
3]how do road side objects influence drivers?

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For class 8 , you can do a project by which you can find the maximum height of a projectile
ProcedureTake a football, kick it,and, at the same time, start the stopwatch. When the ball hits the ground, stop the timer and mark where the ball first lands. Measure the distance travelled by the ball.Divide the distance traveled (d, meters) by the amount of hang time (t, seconds). This gives the ball’s horizontal speed, vx, in meters per second:vx = d / t. the ball’s vertical speed, vy is given by multiplying half the hang time (t) by the acceleration due to gravity (g = 9.8 m/s2): vx2 + vy2 = ½ gt Now combine the horizontal and vertical speeds to get the total speed, ​v =√(vx2 + vy2). That’s how fast you kicked the ball, in meters per second. take the vertical velocity squared and divide it by twice the gravitational acceleration: h = vy2/ 2g. This gives the maximum height reached by the ball.Results
You have calculated the speed at which you kicked the ball (in meters/second), the angle at which it launched, and how high you kicked it (in meters).