u can by watching more and more English movies,,listening to English songs,watching shows on English channels like zee café or comedy central,also try to interact in English with ur teachers,freinds,nfamily......also watch the lip movemnts of british people..................ALL THE BEST
by watching english news and reading necessary books required to improve english you can also interact to your family members in english all the best !!!!!!!!


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To make ur english better u will have to learn and join the english speaking class

Read a lot, Try to watch English Shows and Movies as well. Watch everyday English News.
Write in a notebook (your personal dictionary) the new words that you learn each day.
Listen to as much English as possible. Watch English-language films and television, listen to English music, make English-speaking friends and penpals. Don't be afraid if you don't understand everything.
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By reading English newspapers and by watching English news bulletins you can improve your English vocabulary and fluency. Try to understand the concepts behind English grammar and implement them in your daily life. Converse in English with your friends and relatives. This will improve your knowledge in English.