A teacher has 25 kids in her class.
She has a bowl containing 25 chocolates. She wants
to divide the 25 chocolates to the kids, in such a
way that one chocolate should remain in her bowl

hi u konw the ans
u know the ans for above question na
what an awkward question


The remaining in the bowl is 0

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She will give 23 chocolates to 23 children and then half half chocolates to remaining two children then 1 chocolate will remain in her bowl
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She will Distribute 0.96 chocolate to each student,,
how can she distribute 0.96 chocolate
She has to distribute , so u need not to worry abt that :p
if u r given 5 chocolates and one tells to distribute that in 2 students will u give 0.4 chocolates.
hey Julie , I was joking .. why u are so serious .. i will eat all the chocolates !! ..