Access to internet is a boon for students
I strongly agree that access to internet is a boon for us students. In this era of academic competition, often text books are not enough for supporting the students so internet is a great help. Also internet is a unflatteringly  brilliant help during co -curricular assignments and projects. In fact you yourself have been able to post this question here and will now be getting the answer only because of internet. 

Really being a student myself, I know very well hw the net comes to rescue at the most difficult of times, be it an immediate project to be submitted the next day or even a quiz show or maybe a debate  in school for which you need to prepare. The net is always at your disposal.

In fact now a days, with a huge number of online tests, students can even afford to give tests and exams from distance. Many a times these online tests help a lot for preparations.

Besides today there are also a large number of online tution classes. Undoubtedly these too are very helpful for studies.

A common myth runs today that - " Its impossible to study without google ". And we all know its cent per cent true!
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