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The images of the song hint at a significant message. In the line ‘Lord make me a rainbow’, she talks about looking down on her mother from heaven as she is buried. She is asking Lord to turn her into a rainbow so her mother can feel and be comforted in knowing that her daughter is safe with God. A rainbow symbolizes the image of hope and peace. Life is like a rainbow, you need the present of sun and rain in order to make the color appear. Likewise, everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but we can't have a rainbow without a little rain. This creates positive vibes in the message. On the other hand, the phrase ‘Sharp knife of a short life’ refers to how painful it in knowing that somebody’s life was cut short by tragedy. A knife is used to represent the signs of danger and pain. Even though it is used to be a negative image, yet it plays an important role in this song. A knife, as a reminder to people that death could happen at any moment. It could be a shock or unacceptable thing for those dearest. Messaging that life is hard, people should be grateful.

Besides, the theme of the song demonstrates the message of the song. The chorus ‘and I’ll be wearing white’ is her speaking to God which shows she believes in God. She says she’ll be wearing white, the color of purity, and because she is ‘green’ which is refers to ‘inexperienced’ shows a symbol of purity. Religion and faith is a clear theme in the message. In addition, here’s quite a bit different that the ‘what if?’ rumination set up by various parts of the song. The song offers neither hope nor resolution, but about how life is short. People should learn from experiences and accept the fact in life.

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Although this wasnt what i wanted but what you wrote is beautiful.The needed answer was to be dealt with phrase directly indicating no pain no gain..Still thumbs to your work :)