One end of the objects such as a steel spoon, a plastic scale, a pencil and a divider is put in a beaker of hot water. In which of these objects the other end will get hot and why?

Here , the divider is made up of what...?? wood or iron or silver or something else..??


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divider will get heated faster because it is made up of silver and silver is the best conductor of heat..
on the other hand the spoon will get heated after the divider because steel is a conductor of heat..
the other two examples plastic scale and pencil has no chance of getting its end heated as they both are poor conductors of electricity... 
steel spoon, a plastic scale, a pencil and a divider 
among these, steel spoon's end,and if the divider is made of metal then it's end would get hot as steel and other metals generally are good conductors.
plastic and wood are insulators.