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1]8√4-4√4=4√4=8     6√16-2√16=4√16=16
2]2√3-1√3=√3          5√6-3√6=2√6
3]2√4+2√4=4√4=8   2√4+2√4=4√4=8
4]2√3*1√3=3√3=6    4√4*5√4=20√16=80
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m not able to fnd nd it is written dat ur vote has been counted .nd m not able 2 rate it again
u dont have to rate u only have to mark as the best
yrr i mean m not able 2 mak any changes 2 it nd dat opion is not here.Near to d thnk u option derez no option to mark it as d bst.m srry bt really it helped me a lot .u r d bst..thx again
will u mark