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Couple of week ago i was talking of my best friend but (in this time she left me), during conversion i send a rose photo, but she dint accept it & told she dont like it, cos it has thorn also it hide it. its reason she dnt like it. she told she love CACTUS instead of ROSE.
The main of cos of liking the CACTUS was it dont hide it thorn. she told cactus dont hide anything & we must to learn from it.
If felt she was trying to sat that rose is Guilty for any reason. i felt that she was trying 2 say that rose is bad element in this world. Yaa i can understand that every people have differnt types of liking & disliking.Some like rose & some like cactus , some both. But i like both rose & cacts.
I want to say rose also teaches us too many lesson.
1:It teaches us awarness. yes, it teaches us life is not so colourful, which things we see always in our real life they are not always right. everything which looks beautiful those are not always beautiful.
2: Rose is a colour of heart, ever lover loves it, gives it to his love. it combine it to people. Also isa great symole of good friendship. I creat good friendship.
I want to just say we must not comaprison natural beauties, no one is perfect in this world.
Every people hv a goo & bad quality, it dont meant that we must hate that.
Man & women are also a diffrent part of nature.
Some people hate snow & eskimos lif. i told its depend on dislke & like of people nature.
So at the result i want say that every element have good & bad both qualities. its depends on conditions . so we must not to comparison natural things in our real life.
hope somebody would understand it/
hope it helps ..............
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