Lymph is a colourless fluid that has filtered out of the blood capilaries .it's only a part of's composition is similar to that of blood except that red blood corpuscles.and some blood proteins are absent in it .wbc's are found in abundance.
transport's nutrients,bring CO2  wastes from tissue fluid to blood, protects body from infection.
Lymph is colourless filtered blood without any blood cells. It bathes all the body organs. Lymph acts as a middle man for the exchange of substances between the blood and various body tissues.
                        blood                                               tissue

. Red in colour.                                       . Normally colourless.

. RBCs are present.                                . RBCs are absent.

. Protein contents are high.                 . Protein contents are low.

. Contains more fibriogen.                  . Contains less fibrinogen.

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