. Striated muscle fibres  are long or elongated, non tapering  cylindrical.
. are multinucleated.
.  enclosed in sarcolemma.
. nuclei are peripheral in position.

. non striated muscle fibres are held together by loose connective tissue.
. are spindle shaped.
. each muscle is enclosed in a plasma membrane.
. are uninucleate cell.

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                    Non-Striated muscles                               striated muscles 

.They together forms a bundle.               . They together form a sheet.

.They are multinucleate.                           . They are multinucleated.

.The intercalated disc is absent.             . The intercalated disc is absent.

.Control over it is voluntary.                   . Control over it is involuntary.

.The speed of contraction is the             . The speed of contraction is rapid.
most slowest.

.The ability to remain contracted is       . The ability to remain contracted is the 
greatest.                                                      least.

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