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First thing we should not forget that this life is very short.We don't know when we will die ,we may die now or tomorrow or in next week.God only knows when we will die.God gave us such a baeutiful lige .He gave us a large place to live .So intead of living with happiness n peace,some people wanted to have control over the whole land of earth.The person forgets that he also have to die one day so after his death what will he do with the land he conquered. After his death this land will not be useful for him.God had made this land for all of us to live happily.we r just temporary guest on this land.This land belongs to only only to wars n all r not at all useful...........hope tis will help u :))

War is not necessary to win a battle. Many great battles have been won without violence. Our Mahatma Gandhiji is a very good example for a man who freed India without violence.