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Today education is very important for one an all for their bright future.Education plays a key role for our success.Development of our country is also dependent on our education. If we get educated then only we can do something and take our country forward.Education develops our mind.We can understand what's going in our society by education.we can learn our duties n social rights only by education. All the bad rituals n illusions can be erased off by education.By education we can make difference between right n wrong.Education helps us to fight with all prblms in our society.Education helps to remove poverty n unemployment .so education is verrryyyy important for plays a vital role in the society........... Hope this will help u:)

Education in todays world is very important, and you cannot be employed for work these days if you are not educated. Many people in India do not have the money to educate their children, so the children grow up being uneducated. This is why the literacy rate keeps rising in India. Our government makes many free schools for poor people so they can be educated. Many schools also organize 'shikshakendra' for poor children to study in expensive schools for free.