I am a cloud.I am a vapour form of water.I have come from one of the ponds.Now it is rainy season and it is time for me to fall.Again I will become water and flow into rivers and ponds.I meet many kinds of people.I am the life of living beings.I help in the lives of trees.I also give relief from the hot summer by raining.So,help me to live.Don't waste water.

*I have tried to write well.If this dosen't help,then sorry*

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Hi i'm the cloud that peson who showers rain on you. do you know how hard we have to work for your friend the vapour comes very fast and constitute themselves in me.i have to bear all the weight on myself only.and when i can't bea it .i flow down . you all people are waiting for me and i also feels very good to serve you my friends
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