Nowadays environment is getting polluted. people are using more plastic bag and throwing garbage on road. people are cutting down the trees and killing animals for their skin.we should save our environment. we should plant more trees . save animals . throw garbage in dustbins and not use vehicals to go to a short distance. we can do many things to save our environment.
a drop of water is more than a bag of gold to a thirsty man.
less pollution is best solution.
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Hello friends, I wish to speak on the topic of relevance to all of us in the 21st century.  

     Our Environment is a very essential part of our life.  It is the main source for us to live  in and get food from, to eat, play, work, enjoy, walk, breath, hear or drink.  The environment is basically the atmosphere, and surrounding geographical area.  We know very well that quality of our life depends on our environment.    Let us question ourselves, who spoils the environment ?

    Long ago, people lived adapting themselves to the environment and could not harm the environment.  In these days we are harming and degrading the environment, and thus indirectly harming ourselves.  Power of the technology and science has enabled the man to exploit the environment for selfish and indiscriminate use.   This is creating problems for everyone.  

 The causes of worry are
1.  Deforestation,
   2.  Growth of population and Rapid urbanization  
   3.  Loss of biodiversity
   4.  Air pollution (greenhouse gases), drinking water pollution, river pollution by mixing poisonous chemicals, plastics.
   5.  Global warming and Depletion of ozone layer
   6.  Depletion of underground water, oil and gas reserves and natural resources like minerals.   

Effect of our irrational or selfish actions:
     Famines, untimely rains, cyclones, polar ice melting, ecological imbalance, increase in erosion of land, less protection from UV radiation, diseases and life amidst pollution and so on.  

Let us know what we have to do

   There is a lot of ignorance in people on what environment is, on what good environment is and on the ways to maintain environment without degrading it too much.  First people (starting with children) are educated.

   We have to adapt our manufacturing and domestic product  usage processes to the  environment.  We must use reducible, reusable, regenerative and recyclable (RRR) techniques.   The  governments of various countries and the United Nations Organization must take up actions at a global level.   Long term planning and monitoring of actions of private corporations is needed.  The young must be educated to live in harmony with environment rather than exploit it.

   There  are many voluntary organizations around the world which propagate clean environment, green earth, save earth, save power, conserve power concepts.  However, some of  these ideas are difficult to implement as they reduce the convenience of people, make it more difficult for the industries, and these are more expensive to realize.

   Many environment friendly fuels, vehicles, constructions are coming up slowly.  There is also an awareness for environment friendly Holi colors.   There is are environment friendly ways of making sculptures and idols during festivals like Ganesha, Kali-Durga Navratri and others.
  But not many follow those.  Many support reduction of crackers during Deepavali festival too to reduce noise pollution and release of gases into the air.  Paper, cloth and jute bags recommended for use in carrying food or other items from super markets.

   There are environment friendly LED bulbs and other appliances that use energy more efficiently.  The use of paper will be minimized when we use online web based e-magazines, e-letters, emails and ebooks.  Then many trees will be saved from cutting down.

   Every year there are Earth (environment) day and some other occasions are observed to increase awareness regarding environment.  There is continuous research and development for improvement of efficiency in home and industrial appliances and equipment.  Energy saved is equal to reduction in burning fossil fuels.  That reduces green house gas emissions.  Electric and solar based appliances are increasing in the market.  Solar power is abundant and cleaner.  Generation of power from regenerative geo-thermal source will be good. 

  We have to save water from going waste and use fuel more judiciously. Using bicycles and shared public transport is better.  We must plant trees as much as we can.  We must stop the burning of waste (after collecting it all to one place) on roads.  There are also some ways to regenerate energy from some types of garbage.  This is followed in some municipalities.

    Each of us has a role and responsibility to protect our environment.  Only that saves our race on Earth.

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