I will ask them not to repeat the same...and if they again do the same mistake i will report to the concerned authorities or will tlk with their parents...
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:P i will accompany!! heheh
jokking do jhapad dungi whi ki mai akele scl attend kr rhi aur wo maze le rhe h mere bina!!!
I would definitely join them! Just because they are sitting in the cafe that doesn't mean they are wasting their parents money..We don't always have to so boring..Bunking classes is so much fun...! :D Buddy these are memories..The more you collect them the more it is better. :D

I would confront them and tell them to not do this as it wastes his/her parents money, and his time. if he/she repeats it, I would tell his/her parents.
Stupid arguement is finally finished.
gud bro...