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I.In windows 8 the Start menu has tiles.Windows 7 dont have it but it shows all the programs in the pc/laptop.
ii.Windows 8 comes with an antivirus installed in it but in windows 7 you have to install it manually.
iii.In windows 8 you dont have to click on cross button you just have to click on the start menu whereas in windows 7 you have to click on the cross button.

i am sorry i dont know the other two points.. :(
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1] windows 8 is advanced while windows 7 is common 
2] 8 has different display style than 7
3]in 8 there are more functions than 7
4]in 8 task bar is much different and attravtive than 7
5]in 8 desktop screen can be opened without minimizing the windows that are running