THE MAGIC CARPET 

Once in a village there lived a cruel king prithvi whose kingdom was suffering from that village lived a boy named aladin ,he worked in a carpet factory once he saw a very old carpet in the factory.he unfolded the carpet & the carpet begin to talk the capet was a magic day a princess came to the factory to buy a carpet.aladin saw her and asked haer name she told him that her name is jasmine.they both become good friends.Prithvi saw jasmine as she was a beautiful young girl he fell in love with her & wished to marry her.after some time aladin & jasmine also satrted loving each other but prithvi could not tolerate it so he decided to ask jasmine's father for his and jasmine's marrige but her father did not agreed & prithvi offered him 1 lakh gold coins & jasmine's father agreed.jasmine told this thing to aladin & asked him to do something .so aladin started thinking he remembered that magic carpet he took jasmine to the carpet & wished to fly them far away from this village .the carpet took them to paris & they both were very happy&the cruel king prithvi ,jasmine's father both were sad. aladin thanked the carpet,the carpet returned back to factory &slept until someone woke it up again.
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