It happened recently it was soc period and our mam gave us projects.she then said that when u complete seeing that project give ti back to me .it was my turn to see that project and bell rang that next period was bio. our bio sir is very strick.but some how i managed and completed seing that project. i then passed it to other whois sitting in front of sir .sir has seen that and took that book i just saw til that .it was my responsibility to return that i asked that person whether sir has taken that book or not he did not reply then i aske dosme1 else they said s .soi went to sir and aske.he said y willi take soc project?then i replied sir but that fellow said that u took it . and so sir called that fellow and he blasted him like anything. that fellow came to me and said i thought that u were asking about bio workbook which sir took.and that real project was with mam only..............
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Once wid my whole family I went to a farm house ,It was noon time when me n my cousins were getting bored.N suddenly we got an idea to have a ride on tractor. so I went to a farmer of our farm n we requested him for a he granted our wish .n we were4 cousins in the tractor. Tractor started moving we were enjoying a lot.Then on the way back to home one of my cousin tried to pluck a leaf from the tree and instead of holding leaf she caught a branch of tree n tractor moved forward n my cousin was hanging on tree.n after some secs she falled down.seeing that scene I n my cousins were burst out of laugh.seriously it was soooooo funny incidence for me .............
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