Complete this 6 letter word:
_ o _ e _ h

1. Girls love it.
2. Boys use it.
3. Parents hate it.
4. Animals are scared of it. You are brilliant if you say the answer within today..... reply me as fast as you can
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Hi there :) 

      I mentioned before that it seems most likely for this question to be wrong. There is no word in English which would fit this riddle:
           _ o _ e _ h 

      It's generally extremely hard to find words in English which end with h. For that reason I thought that the riddle should look like this:  

             _ h o _ e 

      In this case, it would obviously be a phone but it seems a little bit too obvious at the same time. All the hints fit of course: 
      1. Girls do love mobiles, don't they? ;)
      2. Everybody uses phones, so guys use them as well. 
      3. Parents do hate their children using phones too much. 
      4. Animals aren't exactly fond of any contraption which makes too much noise and is not easily comprehendable by their senses and minds. 

      On the other hand, I had also made some research about this question. It turns out that there's also another version of the riddle, it has the very same hints but it looks like this: 

           _ t _ a _ s _           ⬅︎

Some people suggest that the proper answer is strauss because originally it meant three things:
      1. A bouquet - perfect for girls.
      2. An ostrich - supposedly it's connected to boys, suggesting that they run away from their problems just like an ostrich putting it's head in the sand.  
      3. An assault - this one should apply to parents (who are against fighting) and animals who are also afraid of being attacked by their nature. 

      It's hard to perfectly determine which one of the following is really the best option and whether there even is one such option there. As I said, we might be talking about a name for a diety for example (I wasn't been able to find any that would fit all the hints though).
      I hope that it helps you :)
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