Sea breeze 
land has lower heat capacity than sea water therefore in daily life the temperature of the land increases  faster than sea.
hot air above the land raises.cooler air from the sea  flows towards land and hence produces sea breeze.

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   In daily lives the specific heat value helps us a lot.  Engineers and scientists use the specific heat values of materials to use the materials appropriately.

1.  Water has a high specific heat.  Large water bodies like ponds, seas, oceans absorb a lot of heat during the day.  During the night they release heat.  The hot and cool air currents are created due to this.

2.   Many utensils used for cooking are made of metals which have low specific heat.  So they get hot very quickly and they pass heat to the food more readily.  They are good conductors of heat.

3.  The handles of frying pan, and other utensils are made of  insulating materials. These insulators are bad conductors of heat  and  have high specific heat.  They absorb a lot of heat before conducting heat to the other end of the substance.    So insulators are to be made of high specific heat materials.

4.  In processes where substances are heated to high temperatures, or in boilers, the estimation of time durations for boiling or reaching target temperature depends on the specific heat of the container, and liquid to be boiled.  Amount of fuel needed depends on the specific heat values.

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