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                               Should women be accepted into army?

       Now, stronger than ever we can observer different initiatives aiming at enhancing the living conditions of women all over the world. At last, people start to understand what the real feminism is about. It's not about bending the rules to fit every women that happens to wish so. Not at all. It is about giving the chance to those women who are can fit in the shoes of men who have been doing the same job since its beginnings. 
The same goes for the army. Many will argue that women are not as fit as men mostly, but is it really true? I personally know women who will always be more fit than I am. I am a man and I have never ever wanted or imagined myself being in the army. I have this choice so why women shouldn't? 
          I believe that women are in every bit as good as man in many ways. In some they have better prerequisites in some not that much, but it doesn't matter that we cannot find thousands of potentially amazing soldiers among women even though the majority would not be fit for the job. Just as the majority of men is not fit to dance or cook, there are most definitely some amazing dancers and cooks among them. 
          Let's think about equality as a chance for better future instead of a threat to the hegemony of men. 
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