No matter how big we are, we all have fears. I have fears of nearly everything such as heights, the dark, death of loved ones, being alone, deep water and all reptiles. I know I sound like a little child but that's me. Failure is perhaps my biggest fear.
    My fear of failure has ruled my life. I always have a fear of disappointing my parents' expectations and those of others. When I finished high school, my parents wanted me to be a doctor. But I decided to choose my future path in information technology. I want to prove to them that I've taken the right path and made the right choice. Furthermore, I always try my best to be perfect in everything and have high standards. Because of this fear I never feel satisfied about what I accomplish.
    I have always let my fear of failure and not being good enough to control my life and to keep me from enjoying it. What I need is to believe in my self, in my capabilities and to have good thoughts as well. I'll change the thoughts of negativity and fear to those of optimism and positivity. It is impossible to please everyone. Therefore, I'll have my own expectations to fulfill.