My summer vacations were truly fun and exciting my parents took me too the fabulous United States Of America!!!! In USA we went to vegas and stayed in the venetan hotel the hotel manager said that we can even take Limousine ride AWESOME!!!!! we even went to the magical Disney world in florida i cant even describe the food over there !! mmmmm but that ended very quickly it seemed to end in a blink but i enjoyed and thats the most important thing
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This summer vacations were unforgettable for me.I visited 3 places that is Malaysia,Singapore n was just awsm over there.There was different cultures n customs of people living in over Der.There different food which was so delicious that I enjoyed eating it.I visited many tourists spots,even I went to many water spots which were amazing.Even we had a elephant ride.i have also done scuba diving which was an adventurous moment of my life.I have done so much of shopping.This vacations were just unforgettable for me.I really enjoyed a lot...