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The oceans meet at the Gulf of Alaska but do not mix because of the layer of foam that is formed in their junction. The two oceans have different densities because of their different salt levels and this density is influenced by the melting of glaciers which add to the freshwater content of the salty oceans.
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Much debated scientific reason is ////u may know there  is ocean current  which is the life line for most Marine species///
            how this ocean current occurs //  u may know also HOT water raise up and cold water drops down ---it's a natural rule// Thus hot <warm>water from equator region raise up where the cold water form both arctic and Antarctica dips to bottom of the ocean //thus this form the ocean current
          this is the 1 of the main reason y gulf of Alaska not mix 
and one more fact is the lots of ice <from arctic >melt down and rush to wards the down ocean ,where the temp of the water is very low thus normal water and low temp water does not diffuse   


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