Essay       The incident which taught me, “Never give up” happened when I was 11. On my birthday, I was not happy enough as no one even wished me since morning and I stood disappointed with that and was thinking anonymous like why doesn’t anyone cares of me,  Am I not  important for anyone, has everyone forgot all my favours and good deeds. I started giving up which had became kind of a routine in my daily life. Later that day (afternoon) I was still waiting for a sort of surprise but things started getting worse. I didn’t die because of it but really disappointed by myself. Truly said, ”don’t trust anyone”. When the day broke, I saw an ant rustling nearby. just for sake, I went to it and hurdeled its way by my hand but the ant choose an longer way and turned. I kept on doing this for a few minutes or so. I was amazed. After 7:00 P.M .(evening) I thought for a change. I was moved by the ant’s act. It nearly seemed to be my mistake things don’t always be easy as we can’t predict them. I tried to move out of this and start a new day which I nearly couldn’t. The next day I realized my mistake and even wanted to get back my day in a new way but time and tide waits for none. I again was about to give up when the act of  the ant  struck my mind. I still didn’t had the guts that I tell my family that yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t even told them. It was embarrassing but I did tell my family and I was shocked that they were gladly ready to celebrate it today. I didn’t knew what to do later. I forgived may parents and me myself. I drank cold drinks and ate chips in day time. We also had a dinner at night in a restaurant, where we cut the cake. I learned a lesson. Try try but don’t cry, ‘Never give up’ as it’s a way to failure  and means destroying or neglecting the last hope necessary for survival even if you loose never give up as you are still alive to read this. “NEVER GIVE UP”,  “NEVER GIVE UP”.
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