Women are the reflections of the strength and stamina. Especially, the women of now a days are so brave and  so confident that they can do anything that they want to do.
         Women are the major part of the society. But many people were not recognising that women are equally important than the men. From the past the men dominated society is continued. Women were sticked to their home and kitchen in the past. Such that the women in the past were not show their courage to join in defence force and to help their country although they have that ideas in their mind.
                       But now a days women were almost treating equally as like men. Women were given rights to implement their choice. Women were given freedom to do anything.
              Such that women are looking after their country's welfare. They are trying to help the country with their jobs. So, many of the women are choosing defence forces like army, navy etc.Nidhi Handai, a great leader of Indian air force, had become the first woman pilot from Himanchal Pradesh to reach the B-green category in short career span of just 6 years. Late Sneha Shekhawat, an air force officer, created history on 26 January, 2012
         Generally to join in these type of forces, one can need a lot of courage and a strong determination. Women are developing these qualities in them and joining in these forces with a strong determination to help the society with their job. By some women inspiration in defence forces, today many of the women are also showing their interest towards defence forces to join in them. they are preparing their minds physically and mentally for this. I salute women officers for having such a great potential and bravery.
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21st century has seen the birth of many women who are the symbol of Shakti itself. Though women in today's society don't get enough respect andthe credit thy deserve they still move on.Defence forces in India got its first female brigade during 1942 when Subhas Chandra Bose was forming the INC. Since we have now moved on to a better and an advanced India we cant confine the women within the kitchen and the house hold chores. Women must d\ be given the freedom to choose their careers and allowed to take part in the defence forces. Though the course is Rigorous and requires a lot of hard work determination and perseverance..many women have succede. The result is that India got her first female IPS officer in the form of Kiran Bedi.
 we must encourage women to join the defence as its important to have plenty of manpower th protect a country, and the incarnation of Durga might uplift the spirit of many in a battlefield and instill new courage