Educatin is very important in our life. It is important in every field of our life. An educated person any thing. He/she who is educated can gain success in their life. If the people of the country are not educated then that particular country woulds never be able to develop. We could notice the vast difference between our early age and our today's age because of education. The people had been able to remove most of the social evils only becoz they r educated.They had been able 2 know the importance of equality only becoz of education. So this proves that we had been able to develop a lot becoz of education
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Education is one of the most good thing inthis world. the peson who is educated is respected in the society . and after all we have to keep our india progressing . we have to be educated fo us and oursselves . we have to learn new things as per great person gandhiji education should be practical . we have to not just learn things . we have to keep working with them
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