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The love of a family is a life's great blessing, says a quote. Family is the basic unit of any society. India was earlier known for its joint family systems, but today,  joint families have split up into many nuclear families. 'don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich' , says a quote. This signifies that the monetary wealth of a person has almost no influence over his mental happiness. By staying as a family, we enjoy a lot of pleasure than hardships. Celebrating festivals together, sharing food and sweets with each other are exemplary examples which highlight the joys one experiences while staying as a family. No matter how many fights and quarrels, the members of the family may get into, they will always stand by each other during the time of a crisis. The hardships may be for the people who are a little bit economically incompetent or who don't have the tendency of sharing. Listening to stories from grandparents, playing with siblings, getting support from parents will all happen only when one lives in a family.
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can u giv sm more info abt d hardships !! plz !!
Hardships -- economic constraints, difficult to feed an extremely large family by a few bread winners, chances of quarrels and misunderstandings are higher, younger children may not equal level of attention
Younger children may not get equal level of attention
Family is one of the greatest boon given to us.whatever happened  , whatever we had done but always they are standing behind us with supporting us.they care for us ,love us and we too. enjoying with them . bringing gifts , celebrating festivals and birthdays , giing surpises it's a great pleasure in it all but today life is being more selfish.the great country india was noticed for the joint family system but today fo just property they are killing one another it's the worst thing
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