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I would like to become a doctor n serve poor people.I want to open a hospital which is for the poor n give them free treatment. Many poor people in our country r dies due to lack of money n awareness.But my hospital will give free treatments for one n all poor people.I will serve them my whole life.U may be thinking that from where do I will bringing the money .Even I have solution for it that is on other side I will open a hi-fi the profit of this Hosp will be used in serving poor people.n I will open orphanages n old age home so that people shouldn't be homeless
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" India is my motherland-Bharat Mata Ki Jai,Vandematram,Jai Hind"

My greatest service to my motherland will be to become fully educated and
literate and do the things by which my motherland's name and fame will be raised
up.To make it clean and green by planting tress and putting garbage into bins

Is to make all poor people rich so can they stand on their legs.Make it clean .Increase
its financial conditions.Give education to all.Give protection to female.To
remove corruption and people who are using black work like Politicians.To give
all opportunities whether they are of upper or lower class,OBC's or ST's .To
make India clean ,as our prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi launched " Swachh
Bharat Abhiyan" and Green ,We can make India clean by planting a tree in a week
.By providing free milk to poor children as they will become healthy in future.I
also wish to start free medical checkup in school and colleges and institute and
hostel weather they are government or private once in a month.


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