The term " Surajya " means 'Good governance' . 
Actually 'Su rajya ' was a movement launched in Hyderbad, on 9th August, 2012.
The original  motto of the movement was - " Quit Corruption " , and of course , without corruption, India will definitely be a ' Surajya ' .

Every heart dreams of seeing their country scale the pillars of glory,  their country being a Surajya in the true sense. 
I too yearn to transform India into a Surajya and I'm willing to give every ounce of my energy to realise this.

For me, the Indian Surajya will be perfect in every sense.
 * Firstly, the lamp of education will have enlightened every nook and corner of our      country. India must achieve 100 % literacy, and not only literate by lowest standards but by "Quality education".

* Besides, as a student I personally feel that the education system of India needs to be reformed. India's educational system was previously mostly bookish, now with changing times, the educational system need to be made more practical.

* No, stomach must sleep hungry. In the India of my dreams , every single citizen will have sufficient food to sustain them selves. 

* Also, every one of us, will have proper access to Health care facilities.

* Eradication of poverty too will be a main task for us. However eradicating poverty doesn't only mean supporting people with subsidies and governmental help, but by arranging self help opportunities, so that each one of us, earns their own daily bread.

* In recent times, with unemployment being a burning issue, we also need to ensure better employment opportunities, especially government ones.

* Even after so many years , some regions of India are victims of religion based violence. The ideal India needs to promote local governments, so that such conflicts are resolved in a more peaceful way.

* India must invest in and promote the use of eco friendly fuels. Most cities already have embraced CNG and LPG as fuels, now the villages need to be changed.

* And finally, the most important issue- " Women empowerment". With half our population lagging behind, we'll never succeed, hence India need to empower its women. Undoutedly, the goverment has taken numerous measures in this regard, but there's more that need to be done.

The big cities of India are already much developed, now its the villages which need to go under a wave of development. True India lies in the villages, the next decade has to see development in villages, so that India one day, very soon becomes a "SURAJYA".